We are not lifelong consultants, instead we are experts at business operations, developing & implementing strategic plans, leadership coaching, process improvements, quality management and personnel development.


When it comes to knowing how to grow your business, refine your internal business processes (efficient, effective & profitable), and develop your management team and workforce, Affirm Consulting is your #1 source for your company’s consulting needs.


We can work solely with the business owner or the entire management team to provide the necessary leadership coaching, or we’re completely comfortable rolling up our sleeves and working directly with your entire staff to help coach and answer questions every step of the way.


All businesses face challenges and each of these challenges is uniquely different from business to business. So bringing in a consultant who claims to have the solution regardless of the problem, or one who applies a cookie-cutter approach (to solving your problems) is risky at best. These consultants can end up doing more harm than good for your business, upsetting the very foundation with which your company was built.


Affirm Consulting approaches your business from the perspective of what’s right with your business, what aspects of your business are foundational pieces with which we can help build from to overcome your unique challenges, helping propel your organization toward your goals and beyond.


We will do our part to help you organize and implement results-oriented solutions, however our role goes far beyond the unique solution, Affirm will help coach you and your team to understand the ‘Why’ of implementing and ‘How’ to adapt to future challenges for your company.