The Value of Business Consulting: Moving beyond price

As a business owner, I’m always perplexed by fellow business leaders who want a full-proof solution with all the bells & whistles, yet will haggle for rock-bottom pricing. My first thought usually is, I wonder if they give away their company’s premium products and services at break-even prices, and if so I’m confident that profitability is one of the challenges their company faces because inevitably premium products and services come with a price.

Secondly, if price (not value) is the only factor being considered, then the cheapest [ $0 ] option for their company is to do nothing, although one shouldn’t be surprised by the lack of results. (Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.)

However, if resolving your company’s challenge(s) or achieving its goals has a positive impact on your business, then value not price is what’s truly important in deciding to move forward. The fact is, our clients typically value overcoming their business challenges and growing their company with an ROI and/or positive financial impact in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where else in business today can one find 5 or 6-digit returns on your investment?

So why do business leaders get hung up on price, because many times ‘price’ is just an excuse to not change. Although we understand change can be uncomfortable or sometimes difficult, it is still far better than the alternative of remaining in the status quo [Again, I refer you to the definition of Insanity].

So I leave you this week with the following question to consider: What would a 20% increase in total revenue or 10% increase in net profits mean to your business?

If just the thought of that puts a smile on your face, then doesn’t the decision to utilize a proven solution like Affirm Consulting become a no-brainer. If so, contact us today to schedule an appointment and let’s get started.
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Have a great week!

Dennis E. Hough, Founder – Affirm Consulting



If you do not understand the value, then any price sounds expensive.