A strategic plan sets the course for where your company is going and how it plans to reach that destination. Unfortunately, most companies overlook the importance of developing a well thought-out strategic plan or fail to realize that companies experiencing substantial profits and growth tend to have a strong strategic plan in place and a commitment to stay the course. Just like a good road map, a solid strategic plan will help guide you and your team along the way, but more importantly, it will help you course correct if you make a wrong turn or have to take an unexpected detour.

Our experience has shown that organizational commitment (buy-in) to a company’s strategic plan is the only fool-proof way to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction toward common business goals. Thus, Affirm uses a collaborative approach, which includes a hands-on strategic planning session with all of your company’s key decision-makers.


One of Affirm’s experienced strategists will facilitate and guide your leadership team through the entire strategic plan process: capturing key information, initiating necessary dialogue and identifying potential stumbling blocks to ensure your company sets obtainable goals, clearly defines a path forward and sets milestones to achieve intended results.


Affirm also can provide business experts who will work with you to effectively communicate your plan throughout your organization and measure your organization’s performance against your company’s strategic plan.


Do you want a proven partner who has helped other small and mid-sized businesses successfully chart their course?

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“Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there.” John P. Kotter