Doug Nickelson
Position: Strategy & Operations Consultant

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Douglas Nickelson brings a unique perspective to clients based on his more than 40 years of military and commercial industry experience. He has spent his entire career leading multi-organizational teams and managing in-the-field operations, including extensive experience in regulatory compliance and an emphasis on mission assurance and efficient operations. An expert in evaluating strategic plans, analyzing business operations and developing winning teams, Doug provides clients with a diverse knowledge base to guide their company’s success.

Doug’s distinguished military career includes twenty years as a commissioned officer, award of the Bronze Star Medal, multiple tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and various leadership positions, including Battalion Commander.  Doug’s commercial industry experience includes leadership and project management roles for a large Midwest utilities provider, overseeing high-risk operations and managing capital projects in excess of $25 million.

A degreed mechanical engineer with a master’s in business administration (MBA), Doug has been teaching business management courses such as “Principles of Management” and “Strategic Management” for more than a decade. He has many published works, including papers on leadership philosophy and organizational development. He currently serves as an adjunct instructor with Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart." - Thomas Watson, Sr.