There’s no substitute for strong leadership within an organization. Although Affirm also offers business coaching to business owners and senior business leaders, our experience has shown that development of strong mid-level managers is the most critical element to whether a business will achieve future success. Mid-level management is where a company’s mission and vision is made a reality in the day-to-day decisions that impact business operations. Many companies neglect the development of this leadership level and, therefore, struggle to achieve sustainable results in the near-term and reach the organization’s overall potential for long-term success.

Affirm Consulting focuses on developing the leadership behaviors of your mid-level managers or first-time supervisors within your organization. These emerging leaders within your business can have a high (positive or negative) impact on your business and typically need coaching and mentoring to become those next generation leaders your company needs. That’s where our leadership development experts can help you achieve lasting results.

Affirm experts can help your company’s leaders:

–    Increase organizational performance
–    Promote the company’s mission and vision
–    Embrace the roles and responsibilities of a leader within the business
–    Develop a strong team environment
–    Ensure accountability
–    Reinforce the contributions of peers and direct reports through recognition and rewards
–    Manage time more effectively
–    Develop better rapport and results through soft skills coaching
–    Emphasize, promote and strengthen the company’s culture
–    Coach problem employees
–    Stay calm under pressure

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“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” – Harvey S. Firestone