It Takes Preparation and Commitment To Win

As the beginning of college football season is upon us, most are excited to cheer for their favorite team in hopes of a winning season or even a shot at the National Championship.

Although our enthusiasm reigns and our confidence is steadfast, in the back of our minds we’re not 100% certain about two very important factors in whether our favorite team will win or lose: PREPARATION and COMMITMENT.

Preparation – how much effort did every coach and player put into getting ready for the season AND Commitment – will every member of the team bring their absolute best to every game. The results of their preparation & commitment which began months, maybe years earlier, will very well determine who wins and who loses each week as your team faces its competitor on the football field. The same is true on the field of Life, especially within our businesses. As a business leader, do your part to prepare your team and secure their buy-in (commitment) to future successes for your company.


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