Affirm Went To RAMP

Affirm Consulting is privileged to have participated in the Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership – Annual Conference & Expo (Knoxville, TN). Thanks to Dr. Michael McIntyre (UTK) for hosting such a distinguished panel of advanced manufacturers.

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Why Florida?

A complete business review during your Florida vacation? Absolutely… take home more than souvenirs from this year’s family vacation.

Our business consultants travel to you, meeting with you at your resort or favorite restaurant. Affirm Consulting also offers golf packages, where you can meet with one of our business experts, while enjoying many of Central Florida’s top-rated golf courses.

Contact us today to schedule a half-day session.
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Learn HOW to Grow

Affirm Consulting is passionate about strengthening and growing small & mid-sized companies; we are committed to the success of our clients. Affirm is not your typical business consulting firm as our rates are affordable, our plans are achievable and our approach is ‘hands-on’.

Affirm Consulting delivers results, not reports; we don’t tell you ‘What’ you need to do to grow your business, we work with you & your team to show you ‘How’.

It Takes Preparation and Commitment To Win

As the beginning of college football season is upon us, most are excited to cheer for their favorite team in hopes of a winning season or even a shot at the National Championship.

Although our enthusiasm reigns and our confidence is steadfast, in the back of our minds we’re not 100% certain about two very important factors in whether our favorite team will win or lose: PREPARATION and COMMITMENT.

Preparation – how much effort did every coach and player put into getting ready for the season AND Commitment – will every member of the team bring their absolute best to every game. The results of their preparation & commitment which began months, maybe years earlier, will very well determine who wins and who loses each week as your team faces its competitor on the football field. The same is true on the field of Life, especially within our businesses. As a business leader, do your part to prepare your team and secure their buy-in (commitment) to future successes for your company.


Learn How To Maximize

People, Processes and Information must work together effectively & efficiently for your company to maximize its profitability. The 3 working together seamlessly is very much an achievable goal. The biggest mistake you can make as a business leader is to fool yourself or your employees to believing that any one of the 3 can compensate for another.

The Critical 3 C’s of a Business Start-up – Customer Service, Clients, and Cashflow

Rarely are any of these disputed as to their importance, although we consistently see where new business owners tend to under-prioritize or overlook completely the critical nature of cash-flow to sustaining their business. The pitfall typically is the business owner’s projected sales are further out than the business has capital to operate, thus the company will run out of money before the projected sales are ever reached. Don’t panic – there are many solutions to resolving this gap, but rolling up your sleeves and delving into the matter is critical for you and your new business. If you wish to read more about the other C’s (Customer Service & Clients) and other business topics, check out Affirm Consulting’s – Ask the Experts (Q&A) blog @

In closing, Congratulations on becoming a business owner! Affirm Consulting, LLC wishes you much success in your new endeavor. If we can ever be of assistance, or answer any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, as our passion is helping small and mid-sized businesses.