Use the Technology You Have

PR & Branding are typically weaknesses for most small businesses, however in today’s markets that barrier-to-compete with the larger companies/competitors is almost nonexistent. Technology and social media have leveled the playing field, yet smaller companies default to the old PR paradox and mindset. When it comes to change and innovation, John Maynard Keynes perhaps best defines the toughest challenge for most small businesses, “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones.”

Set Up The Environment Your Employees Need

There is no faking company culture, as the true culture of a business is either paving the way to the company’s success or creating pitfalls at every turn. If employees are a company’s #1 asset, then creating a positive company culture is the best capital investment you can make! Unsure ‘how’ to develop a successful culture, contact us today! 

It All STARTS With a Plan

As business experts, we are always surprised to see companies who are frustrated by their lack of growth, yet continue ‘the grind’ year after year with the same product(s) in the same market (and not surprisingly the same lack luster results). Hint: It’s time for a change or pivot in your business. Rest assured, it’s not ‘Change’ for the sake of change, it’s all about being adaptive and reactive to the ever-changing market. If your company is struggling with little or no growth, let the experts at Affirm Consulting help you develop & implement a successful growth plan.

Orlando Is Blooming

Orlando’s growth in start-ups continues to rise, but still ranks # 34th in Kauffman Foundation’s latest study. Read Orlando Business Journal (@OBJUpdate) article about the City Beautiful (Orlando, Florida) and keep an eye out for these rising startups: @BlurtBoxApp @fattmerchant
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Play to your company’s strengths and find strategic partners to cover weaknesses or gaps in your overall business model. Do NOT try to be all things to all people (customers), as your small business will suffer and quite possibly perish. If you have specific questions about strategic partnerships or whether a strategic partnership is right for your company, contact us today!

More is not always better

Overstaffing drives inefficiency and increased costs, both of which negatively impact profitability. Maximizing profitability within your business operations is a balancing act of revenue generation, performance & customer service versus staffing & operating costs. This balance typically takes refining and a fresh set of eyes can usually help to bring to light areas for improvement. This is especially true for small and mid-sized companies, as the smaller the business, the larger the impact of overstaffing and resource balancing. Affirm provides cost-effective, high impact solutions that can meet your specific organizational needs – Schedule a FREE Initial Consultation today!

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Using Accountability

Always shocked to hear a business owner express their frustration about an employee who continually underperforms or fails to meet organizational expectations. The irony here is not that the employee continues to underperform, it’s the fact the business owner allows this type behavior to continue.

Identifying weaknesses in your company can sometimes be difficult, however to allow sub-standard employee performance is embracing a known weakness that’s undoubtedly negatively impacting your other employees and your business.

Poor performing employees need to have a mutually agreed upon plan in-place for a dramatic change in their behavior/performance, or as the business owner you need to develop a plan for replacing this employee. Again, to allow the poor performance to continue is not a reflection on the employee, it’s now a reflection on you, as the business leader within the company.

Learn to be accountable to yourself, your team and your company’s success. If this is difficult for you, consider working with an Affirm Consulting business coach.