Affirm Consulting launches My Business Coach

Affirm Consulting is pleased to announce the official launch of My Business Coach, an online set of tutorials & business tools to support entrepreneurs wishing to start a business, small business owners challenged by business ownership and startups who have their eyes set on growing their new business.My Business Coach - Start A Business, Launch A Business, Grow A Business

My Business Coach was specifically developed for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur and small business owner. Say goodbye to high-dollar consultants, searching online for hours trying to answer your questions, and the endless worrying about all the ‘unknowns’ of business ownership. My Business Coach has the checklist, step-by-step guide, proven business tools, key insight & expertise entrepreneurs and new business owners need to successfully create, launch and grow a business.

My Business Coach provides online tutorials aimed at all three phases of business ownership:

With 24/7 access, the entrepreneur can learn at their own pace, utilize the tools, insight and resources they need every step of the way, and with exclusive access to the My Business Coach – “Ask the Experts” online forum, members can ask questions specific to their business or challenges they might be facing. The ‘Ask the Experts’ forum is moderated by a team of business experts, business consultants and fellow business owners, providing priceless insight, expertise and lesson learned.

Start A Business with My Business Coach

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