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Manage Your Costs

New ideas, runaway costs of doing business, and the pursuit of perceived opportunities can all put a heavy burden on a small business’ cash flow, leaving many a business owner wondering where all the money went.

Let the business experts @ Affirm Consulting show you how to better manage cash flow and curb those business expenses that can put your business on the ropes.

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Trying To Regain Normalcy

FACT: Things are changing by the minute and ‘normalcy’ in our business and daily lives is virtually non-existent right now. However, now is no time to throw in the towel or refuse to adapt to the new normal. Your family, employees, customers and community depend on your business, so how can we serve you in any capacity, even if it’s a prayer request.

We have moved most of our clients to a virtual platform to provide them the services and support they need to combat this ever-changing business & economic uncertainty. So whether we are 5 miles apart or 5,000 miles apart, we can still help you and support you in this time of need. Give us a call or send us an email and let’s see how we can help you and your business.

All the best,
~ Dennis Hough, Founder – Affirm Consulting

Its Go Time

Small Businesses and Business Owners: The uncertainties are real, however now is no time to wait for normalcy to return, it’s Go Time!! The clock is ticking, and it’s imperative that you quickly redefine your business for this new normal.

If you need help gathering your thoughts, developing new ideas or putting together a plan to move forward, we can help you.

Affirm Consulting is a team of business experts who cater specifically to small and medium-size companies. We are based in Orlando, FL however with our virtual coaching & consulting services we work with clients nationwide.

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What does it take to be successful in small business?

#1 Question asked by Entrepreneurs and new small business owners: “What does it take to be successful in small business?”

The Answer: “ALWAYS getting back up” and “Giving everything you’ve got, even when you think you have nothing left in the tank.” Those aren’t popular answers, however success in small business isn’t a given nor is it for the faint at heart.

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Set a Clear 2020 Vision

Vision may not seem all too important until you’re without it.

A business without clear vision is lost, as a well-defined vision is what sets the direction and pace of the business. If you are struggling to set your company’s vision for 2020, contact the experts @ Affirm Consulting.

Helping build high-performing businesses is what we do.

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