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Affirm Consulting launches My Business Coach

Affirm Consulting is pleased to announce the official launch of My Business Coach, an online set of tutorials & business tools to support entrepreneurs wishing to start a business, small business owners challenged by business ownership and startups who have their eyes set on growing their new business.My Business Coach - Start A Business, Launch A Business, Grow A Business

My Business Coach was specifically developed for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur and small business owner. Say goodbye to high-dollar consultants, searching online for hours trying to answer your questions, and the endless worrying about all the ‘unknowns’ of business ownership. My Business Coach has the checklist, step-by-step guide, proven business tools, key insight & expertise entrepreneurs and new business owners need to successfully create, launch and grow a business.

My Business Coach provides online tutorials aimed at all three phases of business ownership:

With 24/7 access, the entrepreneur can learn at their own pace, utilize the tools, insight and resources they need every step of the way, and with exclusive access to the My Business Coach – “Ask the Experts” online forum, members can ask questions specific to their business or challenges they might be facing. The ‘Ask the Experts’ forum is moderated by a team of business experts, business consultants and fellow business owners, providing priceless insight, expertise and lesson learned.

Start A Business with My Business Coach

Make your dream business a reality. –

Voice Of the Customer

The voice of the customer silences all assumptions, opinions and perceptions.

Business Lesson: Continually changing, overcomplicating or overcharging for your product or service will eventually drive away customers and dry up any existing market(s).

You can self-justify making all the changes you wish to your product or business but if your customer(s) doesn’t perceive the change as ‘value added’ then you’re ultimately diminishing marketshare (customers), not building it.

We love racing of all types but here’s a perfect example: NASCAR in recent years has continually changed the rules for the sake of leveling the playing field, over complicated the points system to the point it takes a statistician to know who is winning & losing, and the price for tickets has skyrocketed… obviously, one or more of these factors has driven fans out of the seats and with it their wallets (money spent on tickets, food & drinks, souvenirs, etc.), all of which negatively impacts NASCAR and the sport as a whole.

TAKEAWAY: Change is inevitable, however make changes within your business all the while listening to your customers and their feedback to gauge whether the changes you’re making are received as positive or negative (by your customers).

Dream Big. Embrace the Process. Affirm the Way.

Announcing Our New Intern: Welcome Kevin Thacker!

Affirm Consulting is excited to welcome Kevin Thacker to our team as our new Business Analyst intern.

Kevin has been working on research and marketing strategy for My Business Coach, the newest division of Affirm Consulting. Besides continued research for My Business Coach, we look forward to Kevin supporting projects for Affirm Consulting and its clients.

Kevin is a student at Rollins College working towards a bachelor’s degree in business management with a focus on finance. In addition to taking courses at Rollins – Winter Park, FL campus, Kevin is also studying abroad at Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, which is currently Germany’s top university and ranked in the top 10 best universities in the world. Kevin’s accomplishments also include having earned the rank of Eagle Scout and a member of the NCAA Div. I Sailing Team at Rollins College.

Welcome to the team, Kevin!