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Launching A New Business? Avoid These 8 Rookie Small Business Mistakes

Ready to launch your new business? Here are 8 business owner mistakes to consider before you step off the ledge into business ownership. Pay extra close attention to #2, #3 and #8 because these are biggies, and as business consultants, we see these mistakes time and again by business owners who are anxious to hit a ‘Home Run’ and unfortunately are on the road to ‘Striking Out’.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Entering Into a Business Partnership

Small business owners tend to approach partnerships from an optimistic and “upside” perspective, without weighing in the “downside” and vulnerabilities that any given partnership may bring about to their company. Win-win partnerships are built from having the difficult conversations upfront and working through indifferences before moving forward. #businesspartnerships #EmbracetheProcess #AffirmtheWay

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Business Owners: Don’t Sacrifice Long-Term Success by Making Short-Sighted Decisions

“Don’t let today’s circumstances define your future” is sound advice to share with anyone experiencing a challenge professionally or personally. However, as a business owner heed this advice: “Let today’s decisions expand, not limit, your future.” It’s critical in a leadership role to not lose your vision when the going gets tough, and end up making decisions that might have some benefit today but have a dramatic negative impact on your company’s future.

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Are you distracting yourself with the competition?

Too focused on your competitors? It’s like staring at the sun… it blinds you even when you look away. As a business leader, it’s tough not to keep looking over your shoulder and focusing on the competition, however, it causes you to lose focus on what makes your company great, and ‘why’ your customers chose you in the first place. It can also result in lost momentum or lack of identity by trying to mimic other competitors. Focus your efforts on improving your organization, processes, products & services and continually win-over the customer.

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