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Free Business Consulting

Free Consultation – What’s the Catch?


The answer is, there is no catch. Affirm Consulting offers an initial no-cost / no-obligation 45-minute consultation to any business who is seeking a business consulting firm to partner with. What better way for us to get to know you and your business, and for you to get to know us and the value we could bring to your business.

At Affirm Consulting, we view our clients as business partners and feel the best way to ensure a successful partnership is to invest a little time upfront to make sure both parties see the path forward as a win-win.

Give us a call today to schedule your FREE consultation:  407.287.4219 (toll free: 1-844-AFFIRM1)

Use Time Wisely

Utilize time away from the office to capitalize on a change of scenery and work environment. Highly productive work and great ideas exist outside your office and normal work routine.

After a busy morning, I’m enjoying working remotely @ Downtown Credo; For me, great coffee makes for a productive afternoon.
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